Mission & Values

Our Mission is Montessori.

Through Montessori education, we help each child become a passionate member of the human community who is confident, creative, and flourishing.

As educators at Mission Montessori, we pride ourselves on taking our mission to heart and having a culture at our school that supports our mission. We know that our students thrive when we, as adults, feel passionate about our work and creating an environment where our teachers and staff also feel confident, creative, and flourishing.

At Mission Montessori, we are working to instill a love of learning and personal growth in our students and in ourselves. Our school culture is based on living our values.


We seek to nurture a growth mindset within ourselves, and to encourage a growth mindset in others. We believe that taking risks and stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zones should be encouraged and supported, and new ideas should be welcomed and explored. Mistakes are opportunities to reflect, to recalibrate, and most importantly, to learn. And while we celebrate our successes, we are committed to always improving and growing.


We believe that a sense of community is only possible with frequent and open communication. At Mission Montessori, we prize and practice compassionate candor. We accept and deliver feedback with grace and courtesy. We don’t shy away from the truth, for only by telling the truth can we identify problems, seek solutions, and grow together.


We bring a “can do” problem-solving attitude to work everyday, and encourage ourselves, our coworkers, and our students to see possibilities instead of barriers. There is no problem too big or too small for us; there is only the will to do something about it. We show up to work with confidence that we can take on whatever challenges head our way and with excitement about the opportunities each new day brings.


We know that a team is only as effective as its individual members, so we strive to create an environment in which each individual can realize the value of their contribution to the school as a whole. When team members see themselves as both supported by and supporting each other, we all can do our best work. What we can accomplish together can literally change lives.

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