Preschool Admissions

At Mission Montessori Preschool, children flourish in an authentic, nurturing Montessori environment from infancy through kindergarten. At our school, you’ll find a home away from home and a community of educators and fellow parents passionate about Montessori education.

Our school is located in a beautiful, renovated historic building in the heart of our vibrant city in the Mid-Market area, just off Van Ness and Market Street. Our school is an urban oasis amidst a bustling city, with large, spacious classrooms looking out over a central courtyard playground. Inside multi-purpose rooms–a 2,000+ square-foot indoor gross motor area, a multi-purpose room used for everything from yoga to cooking, and a bright indoor gardening room–allow the children in our school to have a wide variety of experiences even in inclement weather.

Our team of passionate educators looks forward to meeting you, showing you around our school, and sharing their passion for Montessori education.

Admissions Process

Step 1: Submit a web inquiry

If you would like to learn more about the program, the first step is to submit a web inquiry. Once your web inquiry is submitted and processed (this may take up to 24 hours), you will then receive an email with instructions on how to create a MySchool account, which is our enrollment management system. This e-mail will also contain a link to our tuition rates and school calendar. After creating your account, you'll be able to log-in and manage your admissions process in one place.

Step 2: Schedule a virtual tour or attend an open house

Virtually tour our facilities: see classrooms and playgrounds. Understand programs, schedules, and tuition. A virtual “visit” will help you determine whether our school is right for you and get all of your questions answered.

Step 3: Discuss availability to waitlist or enroll

Our Director of Admissions will discuss enrollment timelines with you:

Near-term and mid-year admissions
We enroll year-round when there is a match between a spot and a child (timing, age, previous Montessori experience, language skills, etc.) If there’s a match between your child, your timeline, and an opening, you may receive an enrollment offer during or soon after your tour.

Waitlist for school-year starts and future mid-year openings
If you are planning ahead or looking to enroll for the next school year, you can place your child on our waitlist/applicant pool via a simple online process. The sooner you waitlist, the higher up on the waitlist you will be. Enrollment offers for the next school year are typically sent out between March and April; after April, if any spots remain open, we will offer direct enrollment for the next school year.

Step 4: Additional steps

Children with special needs
To ensure we can serve all children well, we ask that you raise any (suspected) special needs with us during the admissions process. Depending on the need (which can be anything from food allergies, to diabetes, to speech delays, or other learning challenges), we may ask your child to visit before offering enrollment or request additional information from a treating physician.

For all children
Once you complete the enrollment application and pay the tuition deposit to secure your spot, you will need to complete an enrollment packet. It covers items ranging from food preferences to vaccination reports and emergency contact and pick-up authorizations.

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